Yuan Liu

My research interest is 3D computer vision including point cloud processing, pose estimation and shape reconstruction. I'm now a Research Assistant at the University of Hong Kong supervised by Prof. Wenping Wang and I'll become a PhD student here in Fall, 2020. I have worked with Prof. Xiaowei Zhou. for 1 year in the CAD&CG Lab of Zhejiang University. Before that, I received my master degree in LIESMARS at Wuhan University advised by Prof. Bisheng Yang in 2018.

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GIFT: Learning Transformation-Invariant Dense Visual Descriptors via Group CNNs
Yuan Liu, Zehong Shen, Zhixuan Lin, Sida Peng, Xiaowei Zhou, Hujun Bao
NeurIPS, 2019  
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PVNet: Pixel-wise Voting Network for 6DoF Pose Estimation
Sida Peng*, Yuan Liu*, Qixing Huang, Xiaowei Zhou, Hujun Bao
CVPR, 2019 (oral) * equal contribution  
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3D Local Feature BKD to Extract Road Information from Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds
Bisheng Yang, Yuan Liu, Zhen Dong, Fuxun Liang, Bijun Li, Xiangyang Peng
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing, 2017  

A Novel Binary Shape Context for 3D Local Surface Description
Zhen Dong, Bisheng Yang, Yuan Liu, Fuxun Liang, Bijun Li, Yufu Zang
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing, 2017  

Computing Multiple Aggregation Levels and Contextual Features for Road Facilities Recognition Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
Bisheng Yang, Zhen Dong, Yuan Liu, Fuxun Liang, Yongjun Wang
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing, 2017  

Automatic Registration of Large-scale Urban Scene Point Clouds Based on Semantic Feature Points
Bisheng Yang, Zhen Dong, Fuxun Liang, Yuan Liu
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing, 2016  

PCSNet for Semantic3d.Net
Rank 27/2293 in The Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring